Murals By Roxy Tocin

Commercial, municipal, & residential, interior to exterior, large brand work spaces to outdoor oases, I've painted it all!

Deep Dive (2022, Roxy Tocin)

A creatures and coral covered dreamscape, this mural is packed with details and surprises in full-spectrum & UV light! For this mural, integrating the door, baseboards, and trim molding in creative ways was a delight. In design, I love to play with perspective, depth, and movement. Bringing the joy and mystery of the ocean to life with exuberant spray and precise brush work, it's a deep dive into everything that makes a Roxy Tocin mural a playscape and a focal point.

Lioness & Blooms (2023, Roxy Tocin)

The Lioness is acrylic on cinderblock and a deep dive into a warm and playful color palette inspired by flourishing florals and lush leaves, wrapping around the lioness, a memorial symbolizing and honoring an ancestor. Guardians of little beneficial bugs play in the world of ever bloom. I loved every step of the process on this project, and am overjoyed at how every aspect came together!

Garden Party (2023, Roxy Tocin)

A vibrant, playful, experience, Garden Party is mesmerizing. An enchanting theme of florals in a hyper-saturated classic Americana color palette, where rich golds, toasty siennas, deep blues, smoky crimson, warm peach, and purple take center stage with a pop! In UV light, the flowers and leaves gain a neon-drenched edge to their day time hues, while hidden fireflies suddenly appear, glowing in the nightlife. Showcasing everything I'm known for in my work: saturated color, clean lines, and surprise details that change under blacklight and blue LED, this garden knows how to party!

A floral mural by Roxy Tocin, on a navy blue wall, featuring a purple mum, crimson poppies, pink and gold rose, and yellow snap dragons with white snowbells

Mural Booking FAQ's

The cost of each individual mural varies widely, as each mural presents its own challenges and rewards in a process as unique as the long lasting art piece at the culmination. However, it is ALWAYS free to get a quote for your project. An estimated price range can be provided to you with more information. If you decide to book with a deposit ($200), Roxy will send you a portfolio of design options and begin collaboration on your dream mural!

Price factors include: base pricing based on the square footage, project deadlines and rush pricing, artist availability, number of muralists needed to complete the project on time, work hour restrictions, special equipment/PPE needed (such as scissor lifts, scaffolding, etc.), environmental risks, and travel/accommodations.

Roxy Tocin Art LLC believes in paying all mural lead artists and assistants a fair wage for their skill and integrity. Our pricing and pay is in line with both industry standards and the skill and experience of the artist(s) at work, and set to be appealing and competitive.

Well, maybe not ANYWHERE, but enthusiastically YES! Bring on the wanderlust, we'll bring the brushes. Travel is always a consideration on booking and something we can discuss as Roxy builds a custom price quote or accepts a bid from farther-from-home. Modest travel expenses and accommodations will be accounted for in your quote. We will always try to balance project cost for the client with meeting necessity and comfort for any artist(s) traveling.

Absolutely! I love to make art for social change and I believe art changes lives. I have worked in the nonprofit sector at brush, pen, keyboard, and boots on the ground for years, and community work is very important to me. I work with a team of talented lead artists and assistants who also believe in that mission. We have many hours of experience in painting murals for and with communities and nonprofit staff, and will cooperate, collaborate, and get creative with you to secure funding and deliver impressive projects on time to support your work. Please indicate in your inquiry if you're contacting us on behalf of a nonprofit organization!

  • The size of the mural space(s) in height and width in ft. (example: 12h x 30w)
  • A quick description of your design ideas, inspirations, and hopes
  • A general time frame for completion of the project
  • Whether there is storage space on-site for our paint and equipment, and the limitations of that storage space
  • Limitations/hours our team will be able to schedule for painting.
  • The material(s) of the intended surface(s), and whether it is primed or painted currently
  • If the mural is interior, please indicate the largest available clearance for loading into the space in ft.
  • If the mural is exterior, please indicate the type of flooring (public or private sidewalk, roadway, alleyway, gravel, dirt, etc.) and any permanent obstacles (railings, landscaping, awnings)
  • If you are hoping for Roxy's design to integrate features like windowsills, garden structures, doors, existing structural components, beams, etc. please list those features and their material
  • Whether restrooms and drinking water are available on site for Roxy Tocin LLC artists during work hours
  • If your project has a set budget or bid amount, you can indicate that and Roxy will consider how to make the project plan best meet that parameter
  • Any other considerations that come to your mind! You do not need to have each of these ready for sending an immediate inquiry, but the more of these you provide at initial contact, the more accurate your quote window will be and less time will be spent going back and forth
  • You send in initial information via the form below. The more information you can provide at the beginning, the faster the planning and quote process can move. Please see the above FAQ for suggested information to send!
  • Roxy Tocin will respond to you via email and ask for photographs of the intended mural space, and photographs of design inspiration if that's a component you mentioned in inquiry.
  • Roxy will take all factors into consideration once we've established a communication flow, ask additional questions as necessary, and provide a price quote. If you've provided a bid amount instead, Roxy will indicate if your bid meets the projected needs of the project.
  • If we mutually decide based on budget and project needs that we'd like to move forward collaboratively, you'll receive an agreement contract and an invoice for your design deposit ($200). Once your agreement is signed and your deposit is paid, we start the exciting second phase!
  • Roxy will send you a personalized and unique .pdf including color palettes, sketches, and digital mock-up(s) of the proposed mural.
  • This phase is great for feedback, dream storming, "what if" questions, and looking at all facets of the goals for client, project, and artist. If needed, one (1) redesign meeting and modified mockup will be provided.
  • Once a design is approved, dates will be set for a walk-through, beginning of on-site work, and deadline for project delivery.
  • A walk-through meeting will be held at least 1-2 weeks prior to beginning work in the space. In attendance should be the manager of the site and/or the client, with Roxy Tocin, and an assistant from Roxy Tocin Art LLC if the project requires one. If there are limitations on being able to visit the work site in person, a FaceTime or similar video call walk through can be scheduled instead.
  • At the agreed-upon date, site work will begin! Plan for a minimum of 1 week of full time work for most small to medium murals. By the time we have reached this step, you will have an accurate anticipated end date for your unique project.
  • Site work begins with load-in and surface prep. Most sites will begin with primer and masking on day one. High quality primer means longevity for your project and integrity for the design vision.
  • The next steps of on-site work are the transfer and mapping of the design to the surface(s). Artists may use any combination of chalk, graphite, projection, straight edges, compasses, grids, or other tried and true methods to transfer your design from 8x10 paper to much larger walls! We will choose our tools based on the unique needs and features of the mural site and our considerable experience.
  • We will begin to get color on the mural as soon as we can, trust us, we like the days with color best of all! It's finally time to see the vision start to come to life. Most of the remaining days in our work window will be taken up in painting the design with integrity, hard work, and pride!
  • Each day we will leave a clean and tidy work site, with our equipment stored according to our agreement, and the space respectfully cared for, we're YOUR guests and we'll act like it!
  • The final day of mural site work will always include sealing the mural with a high quality sealant. We'll leave specific instructions for the curing time and long term care for the surface. We'll make sure all masking is removed, and we'll leave behind only a crisp finished mural, no trash, no clutter, no headaches!

The team of artists I work with are all experienced muralists and professional artists in my local area. In fact, frequently I will become an assistant artist on projects they have booked. We work well together, keep our work space drama free, and deliver high-impact, high quality projects on time. Check my blog for posts where I show projects we've completed together and link to more of their work. Together we bring cumulative decades of experience to the table, and a genuine love of the work. If you want to paint with us, you can fill out the inquiry form below to learn more! Please know that we usually have more artists available than projects requiring all of our hands, but we love connecting with more artists who love making art BIG like we do!

Broadly speaking, the answer is no. But there are exceptions to every rule! There are many considerations that go into choosing the primer, paint, and sealant for your design, because guaranteeing the lifetime of your finished mural is important to us. We always work with fresh paints from professional companies, to ensure integrity in the chemical composition and cure of the piece, compatibility with the primers and sealants, and surface durability needs of the site, mural traffic, and environmental factors. On a case by case basis we may need to work with a particular brand or formulation of paint indicated by the client, and that will be a part of our initial quote if necessary!

While we bring in special work lights on-site to to aid artists in adding the UV details, we do not offer lighting installation services. We do have a list of lamps and bulbs available to clients, brands we recommend purchasing, for your convenience and with no affiliation or sales kickback! We can also connect you with local professionals whose art is lighting, if you would like to have lights professionally installed and focused to compliment your new artwork!

Currently, extremely limited project spaces are available for late 2023. Most inquiries submitted in Sept. 2023 onward will be booked for Spring and Summer 2024.

Mural Services Inquiry

Backyard Oasis (2023, Andrew Fearnside)

In Spring 2023, I had the pleasure of partnering with Andrew Fearnside as an assistant artist on a mural in a beautiful back yard. Surrounded by lush landscaping and gardens, these colors captured the vibe! With mixed spray and brush techniques, a small team of artists worked under the direction of designer and lead artist Andrew Fearnside to bring this Moroccan Tile and concentric circle inspired design to life. Here is a detail shot of the finished piece, and you can read more about this project from Roxy's perspective here on my blog!

A garden wall, made of cinder block, 7 brick high with a red brick top. The sun is shining behind the wall, and through the branches of a tree in summer green. The mural depicted on the wall features mint green, Kelly green, and pink around black, gold and white accents. repeating patterns evoke moroccan tile motifs around universalist unitarian imagery.

Excerpt panel from Vision Zero (2023, Andrew Fearnside)

In Spring 2023, I had the pleasure of once again partnering with lead artist Andrew Fearnside and an entire community, making art for social change in the form of a massive mural on a heavily trafficked street. Working as an assistant artist on this deeply meaningful project was transformative in my journey looking at all the impacts public art can have on a community, city, and message. And making sure they're the right impacts! Read more about this mural, see it in full length, and learn about the partnerships that made it possible on my blog. See it yourself on the East facing wall of Expo New Mexico, at Louisiana & Central, Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Roxy Tocin is an Albuquerque, NM muralist. She works with a skilled team of other muralists to bring about the particular vision of each project. Whether your mural dreams are home in the heart of New Mexico, or a bit farther away, the skills to bring them to life are right here. Drop me a line and let's dream!