Hooded Blanket

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Wrap Yourself in Art and Coziness with Our Hooded Blanket!

Hey there, fellow art lovers and cozy enthusiasts! Get ready for a snuggly embrace that's as warm as it is stylish - introducing our hooded blanket! Whether you're venturing out into the chilly night air or looking for the perfect snuggle companion on a cozy night in, our blanket has you covered - literally!

Cozy Warmth at Your Fingertips:

Why settle for an ordinary blanket when you can have a hooded blanket that's tailored to your comfort? Our hooded blanket features elastic hand grips that keep you wrapped up in warmth, allowing you to cozy up anytime, anywhere. Stay warm, stay snug, and enjoy the winter season in style!

Soft, Shiny, and Stylish:

Our hooded blanket's outer shell is made with a soft, subtle shine that adds a touch of glamor to your life. It's not just functional - it's chic, too! You won't be able to resist snuggling up inside the stunningly cozy inner layer. And the best part? You get to pick from micro-fleece or longer napp premium sherpa for your inner layer, guaranteeing your perfect blend of "soft" and "cozy."

Original Art That Warms Your Soul:

We at Roxy Tocin believe in the healing power of art, and our hooded blanket is no exception. Each blanket features original art that sparks your imagination and ignites your creativity. Whether you're cuddled up with a good book, enjoying a movie night, or just relaxing with your thoughts, our hooded blanket's art will warm your soul and uplift your spirit.

Snuggle Up, Self-Discover, and Expand Your Creativity:

Our hooded blanket isn't just a winter accessory; it's a gateway to self-discovery, creativity, and growth. The cozy warmth of this blanket will wrap around you like a loving embrace, encouraging you to unlock your true creative potential. Embrace the thrill of learning, expand your horizons, and experience the joy of creation - all while staying warm and cozy!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our hooded blanket today and experience the ultimate in comfort, style, and creativity! Whether you're snuggling up at home or venturing out into the chilly night, our hooded blanket is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to break the rules and embrace the freedom of self-expression.

Inch Adult Youth
Width 80 60
Height 55 41

Centimeters Adult Youth
Width 203 152
Height 140 105