Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon

On the full moon of July, I was having a DAY. I had been really looking forward to some parts of the day and I had a really great morning, catching up with an old friend over coffee. I had some art things planned and some rituals, as I often have with moon phase peaks and July in general! Throughout the week leading up to this moon, I had some very mischievous experiences, like the whole universe was playing some chaotic pranks on me just to see what would happen. I was starting to get a bit frustrated with it all and stood in my driveway looking at the full moon just glowing liquid gold into the sky. I called up "fine, you pick the music, I'll paint it." 

It's not that I was giving the moon permission, she didn't need it, I was just giving up on the control part! So I hit shuffle, and I let the moon pick, even the songs that kinda hurt to hear, and I just painted. For 3 hours. Here's a wonky cell phone picture of  Aquarius Moon, right after I finished painting it. And here's the playlist the moon picked out, in order. 51 songs to build a... well I know what I see, a few things I see. That's the best part about abstracts I think! 



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Roxy Tocin (she/her) is an Albuquerque, NM muralist, mixed media artist, and dreamer. Experimentation, vivid color, and play are her style theory foundations. Media include: watercolor, marker, alcohol ink, sculpture, pyrography, and digital illustration.

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