im / ex is LIVE and LOUD!

im / ex is LIVE and LOUD!

I have been working on this collection for a long time, and in earnest to get it exhibited this way for the past 3 months. Today is a special day for me because today is my FIRST birthday, well, my nom de plume's first birthday.

Recently a friend said "Your art feels good to look at." And I'm really glad he did because that's exactly why Roxy Tocin was born. I needed to step into a persona that could let my brain rest, and just let the bright colors make the happy chemicals for my brain as they flowed with feelings into the paper. 

Day after day I just kept doing that, and it kept working. Now I get to neurotransmitter all my feelings with mess and healing and growth and laughter and plenty of tantrums. Roxy Tocin is me, and I'm so grateful to have become her this year. 

This is the little art exhibit that could because no one asked for it and I made it anyway and I'm really looking forward to doing that frequently!  If  you want to splash some bright colors around to make your brain do more chemicals too, you're in good company. Art needs fewer rules and more healing. Come play with me!


about Roxy

Roxy Tocin (she/her) is an Albuquerque, NM muralist, mixed media artist, and dreamer. Experimentation, vivid color, and play are her style theory foundations. Media include: watercolor, marker, alcohol ink, sculpture, pyrography, and digital illustration.

Healing through art is for everyone!

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